3 STEPS Before Taking the Test

  1. STEP1Check the Test Environment
  2. STEP2Take the CASEC Guided Tour
  3. STEP3Understand the CASEC Test Flow

Step1 Check the Operating Environment

Operating Environment for CASEC

You can verify whether your computer meets the requirements of the test by selecting "STEP 1 Check the Operating Environment".

START Operating Environment Check

CASEC Operating Environment

Windows OS :
10/11 and later *1

Windows Browsers :
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge 20 and later

Mac OS :
OS 10.10 and later

Mac Browsers :
Safari 10.0 and later
Google Chrome

Other Functions :
JavaScript enabled
Cookie enabled


*1 Please use "desktop" mode. You cannot use "Modern UI".
* Tablet PC is not supported.
* Above browser beta version is not supported.

There are listening questions. We recommend using headphones or taking test at quiet place.


Step2 Take the CASEC Guided Tour

Experience CASEC by taking a mock test that is identical to the real one.

Before you go ahead with the guided tour…
Please be prepared to a pair of headphone or speakers, as there is a listening comprehension section.

Please spend approximately 40-50 minutes for test sections 1-4.
CASEC consists of the following four sections. You may take notes for Section 4.

Sections Content Response Time limit/the number of questions
Section 1 Vocabulary 4-choice (mouse) 60 seconds/ 16 questions
Section 2 Expression 4-choice (mouse) 90 seconds/ 16 questions
Section 3 Listening for the main idea 4-choice (mouse) 60 seconds/ 17 questions
Section 4 Dictation Typing (keyboard) 120 seconds/ 11 questions

START the CASEC Guided Tour


Step3 Read the following to understand the flow of the test

  1. Access the following link.

    Select English from the language selection box. Enter the Group Code and Authentication Key below and click [ LOGIN ]

    • Group Code: XXXXXXXXXXXX (12 digits)
    • Authentication Key: XXXX (4 digits)
  2. Individual Login

    Enter the Examinee ID and Password as per the instructions in the box below and click [ LOGIN ].

    • Examinee ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX
    • Password: XXXX
  3. You have signed into “Examinee Page”.

    Click “Agree, Start New Test”.

  4. Sound Test

    Click the text link and check that there are no problems in hearing the audio that is playing.

    • No Problems ⇒ Click the [ Yes ] checkbox, then click the [ NEXT ].
    • Problems ⇒ Click the [ No ] checkbox and raise your hand to call the supervisor.
  5. Style Sheet Check

    Check that there are no problems reading the characters displayed on the screen.

    • No Problems ⇒ Click the [ Yes ] checkbox, then click the [ NEXT ].
    • Problems ⇒ Click the [ No ] checkbox and raise your hand to call the supervisor.
  6. Click the [ NEXT ].

  7. Answer the questionnaire.

    This is mandatory, but it has no effect on your exam If you have not taken any of the following exams, please enter “0” in the box for “Other”.

    After answering the questionnaire, click the [NEXT].

  8. Click the [ OK ].

  9. Click the [NEXT] and the test will start here.

    If a “pop-up block” error occurs, choose the option that allows pop-ups for CASEC.

  10. Click the “Next” button.

    Follow the instructions and answer within the 60 seconds

  11. Your score will be displayed after the exam.

    This is the end of the exam. If you have time, please fill in the questionnaire to help us understand CASEC user’s needs better. If not, click the [LOG OUT] and close the exam page.


Experience CASEC by taking a mock test

CASEC Guided Tour


  • For test takers : Login
  • For group manager : Login