Privacy Policy

Business name or the designation of the company

The Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc. (JIEM)

Personal information protection administrator

JIEM Administrator of personal information protection

Reasons for Collecting Personal Information

  1. (1) So that The Japanese Insitute for Educational Measurement (JIEM) can provide the CASEC, CASEC-G, CASEC-GTS and CASEC-WT services.
  2. (2) For compiling statistics about the usage of the services in (1) above.
  3. (3) For creating new testing items for the services in (1) above.
  4. (4) For refining and improving the services in (1) above.
  5. (5) For conducting research and development on the services in (1) above.
  6. (6) To confirm delivery of materials and products
  7. (7) To respond to enquiries and questions.

Distribution of personal information to third parties

Except when individuals agree or it is required by law, personal information obtained by JIEM will not be distributed to third parties.

Consignment and handling of personal information

In order to fulfil the above reasons for collecting personal information, we will entrust the handling of personal information to external contractors. Contractors will be selected based on our companny’s strict selection criteria, which include a proven commitment to safe and appropriate management of personal information. We will also protect personal information by having the contractor enter into a non-disclosure agreement and closely monitoring the contractor,

Request for disclosure of personal information

When requested by individuals, we will disclose any information about the handling, disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, usage, non-usage, or cancellation of distribution to a third party of personal information held by JIEM.For matters relating to disclosure, please refer to the ‘Point of contact for information and consultation about this privacy policy’ .below.

Sharing personal information with JIEM

Providing personal information to JIEM is optional.However,witholding personal information may interfere with the provision of the services and cause communication delays.

Acquiring personal information via methods that individuals can not easily recognize

We do not acquire personal information via methods that individuals cannot easily recognize, such as usage of cookies and web beacons.

Collection of personal information of minors

When minors under the age of 15 are use our products and services,we require the consent of their parents before collecting personal information.

Personal information security

We have developed strict internal rules and implement rigorous security measures to ensure that personal information is not unlawfully tampered, stolen or leaked.

Personal information protection policy

Please refer the company web page listed below for more information about the ‘Personal Information Protection Policy’.

Point of contact for information and consultation about this privacy policy.

JIEM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
50 Raffles Place, #11-05 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
Phone: +65-6223-4045


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