[CASEC] Information for English Test

Dear *********,

This mail is sent to test participant of
the Computerized Assessment System for English
Communication (CASEC) test.

The information below contains a description of the test procedure,
as well as the test participant ID and the password necessary
for taking the test.

Test participants are reminded to carefully read the following
information before taking the test.


■Important information before taking the test

[ Operating Environment ]

Windows OS:
10/11 *1

Windows Browsers:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge 20 and later


Mac OS:
OS 10.10 and later


Mac Browsers:
Safari 10.0 and later
Google Chrome


Other Functions:
JavaScript enabled
Cookie enabled


*1 Please use "desktop" mode. You cannot use "Modern UI".
* Tablet PC is not supported.
* Above browser beta version is not supported.


There are listening questions. We recommend using headphones or taking test at quiet place.


■Test period

Please take the test by DD/MM/YYYY

■Test procedure

For taking the test, please follow the procedure below.
Required time: 40-50 minutes.
Please read through the attached Examinee Manual as well.

1. Access the following URL.


2. On the group login screen, enter the following codes respectively
into fields for the Group Code and the Authentication Key.

Group Code: 4********* (12 digits)
Authentication Key: **** (4 digits)

3. On the login screen for test participants, enter the following codes
respectively into the fields for the Examinee ID and password.

Examinee ID: ********
Password: *******

4. Click on the “Login” button, enter, and click on the
“Accept user agreement and proceed” button.
Then you start a test.

■Contact Info for inquiries:

CASEC Support Center