Case Studies

Some organizations that have successfully implemented CASEC.

  • Nissin Food Holding Co., Ltd

    Creating food for our earth. Developing a globally skilled workforce for strategic purposes.

  • Rakuten, Inc.

    English as the in-house language! Go!

  • Ashahi Breweries, Ltd

    English proficiency measurement is the starting line for developing a workforce for a globalized business environment.

  • Pfizer Japan, Inc

    Building a reservoir of internationalist staff starts with English proficiency measurement.

Organizations that have implemented CASEC

Currently, 1,078 organizations, including companies and schools, have implemented this system. (As of Jun 2014)

Organizations that have implemented CASEC (company)...

Aeon Corporation / Aerospace Exploration Agency / Applied Materials Japan, Inc. / Asahi Breweries, Ltd. / Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd./ Brother Industries, Ltd. / Cisco Systems Inc. / Development Bank of Japan /Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. / Fujitsu Ltd. / GABA Corporation / Intelligence Co., Ltd. / Janssen Pharmaceutical K K / Kao Corporation / Kochi Prefectural Board of Education / Mitsubishi Corporation / Nissin Food Holding Co., Ltd / Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. / Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Obayashi Corporation / Rakuten, Inc / Ricoh Co., Ltd. / Sumitomo 3M Co., Ltd. / Unilever Japan Pharma Co., Ltd. and others (approximately 662 companies in total; in alphabetical order)

Major uses of CASEC

  1. 1. Recruitment tests for new graduates and mid-career switches
  2. 2. Outcome measurement tool for in-house English training
  3. 3. A criterion for personnel evaluation
  4. 4. Selection test for in-house overseas study or training

Organizations that have implemented CASEC (universities and junior colleges)...

Aichi Prefectural University / Aoyama Gakuin University / Bunkyo University / College of Nursing, Nagano Prefecture / Gakushuin University / Hokusei Gakuen University/ International University of Kansai / JF Oberlin University / Jumonjigakuenjoshidaigaku / Kansai University / Kokushikan University/ Konan University / Kyoto University / Meijo University / Miyagi University/ Nagasaki Wesleyan University National College of Nursing / Niigata Seiryo University / Ritsumeikan University / Ryukoku University / Seisen University / Showa Women's University / Shukutoku University / Tamagawa University / Tokyo Woman's Christian University / Tokiwa University / Toyo Eiwa University /University of Electro-Communications / University of Seisen Jogakuin / University of Takachiho / Waseda University and others (approximately 166 schools in total; in alphabetical order)

Organizations that have implemented CASEC (junior and senior high schools)...

Ichihara Chuo High School / Keio Futsubu School / Meikei High School / Nihon University Yamagata Senior high School / Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior and Senior High School /Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior and Senior High School /Setagaya Junior High School attached to tokyo Gakuei University and others (approximately 250 schools in total; in alphabetical order)


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